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A loving world is built by loving people. Person-to-person behavior at each level must be loving. Our intent is not to persuade other people in the usual sense, but to embody love through our friendly, caring, and supportive behavior toward everyone we meet.

Love is action, not an attitude; love is the way you behave. Practicing the essentials of loving behavior leads to a caring, compassionate stance in life.

Learning loving behavior is needed at every level, from self to others and the world.

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For People of Heart

Dr. Sanford has designed a way for people of heart to increase love in the world. His stance is that love is a behavior that takes skill and practice. The “work” of loving brings a heartfelt warmth and joy to the learner​


  • A peaceful, loving world is created by dedicated people who have mastered the art of skillful love .
  • In our model, we learn to practice skillful love with ourselves, the important people in our lives, and others. .
  • Dedicated individuals join small Pioneer Groups. .
  • Members of the Pioneer group practice skillful, supportive loving with one another. .
  • The Pioneer Group Movement expands. .
  • We get the media involved and collaborate with groups working to build a peaceful world. .
  • Support is provided by David Sanford PhD. .

Dr. David Sanford


Dr. David Sanford is a retired relationship therapist, author and couples coach. He has written five books on love, marriage and relationships. He was also a weekly newspaper columnist on relationships for the Portland Press Herald. He is a member of the American Association for marriage and Family Therapy.

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David spells out the five essential behaviors developed from his long career as a marriage therapist that assure successful relationships, The emphasis ¡s on the stance that ¡s needed and actions to take that will grow love. The five essentials are not easy but they are what actually works in loving better.

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Dr. Sanford has created an approach for taking love into the world. He runs a group for people who meet to support one another in becoming skilled at love by developing the wisdom of the heart. They share experience and feedback as they learn. Members decide on a focus for their individual work in the world and share their learning about themselves and spreading love where it is difficult to do.

Books published by Dr. David Sanford


Dr. Sanford has written and published five books about the challenges of a committed partnership or marriage. The books are based on his long career as a marriage therapist. Each book is realistic and practical about topics like Talking Together, Healing Marriage, Intimate Marriage, Marriage Conflict and Starting Right. Dr. Sanford also wrote a weekly marriage column for the Portland Press Herald in Maine for over fifteen years.